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Arial picture of lake and pasture

A Walk Around 

3 Hearts Farm

Three Hearts farm has been a continuously run, multi- generational “family farm” for over 50 years.  The original home was built in 1952. In the early years it was a “typical” family farm with a wide variety of farm animals, chickens, pigs and milk cows.  The main income was cotton. The cotton fields surrounded the home on all sides. Other income was selling eggs, butter and milk to local residents. Sunday was a special day with a big dinner table full of food.  There were many unexpected visitors who happened to “drop buy” about 12 noon but they were always welcome to “come on in and eat with us”.

In the early 70’s the cotton fields were converted to pasture as Three Hearts began raising beef cattle.  From this early beginning is the Three Hearts Farm you see today. We specialize in “breed specific” commercial beef cattle.  The reason for the word “breed specific” is our strict requirements before any cattle can be added to our heard. All of our cows are Angus or Angus cross.  However, they must have good genetics, excellent health index and good body structure for calving ease, good milk production and docile behavior. All of our heifers that are either retained for our farm or sold as bred heifers, must pass our strict requirements.

We are very proud of the fact that the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original family are today the owner/operators of Three Hearts Farm.  Visitors are always welcomed at Three Hearts Farm.

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